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Modern Kitchen

Our modern kitchens are designed typically for open spaces, minimalist features and simple colour palettes offering a clutter free space to relax and entertain. The term modern encompasses everything that’s sleek and streamlined. With a mix of materials like Laquer, Veneer, Aluminium, Fluted Glass, one can design the modern kitchen of their dreams.

Georgian Style Inspired Kitchens

A kitchen inspired by Georgian design requires embellishments that provide a sense of richness and luxury without being florid or overstated. The secret to a beautiful Georgian style kitchen is in the details and that includes those details that are less visible.
A quintessential Georgian-style kitchen has painted woodwork with cabinets and walls decorated in a single colour with a matte finish. While early Georgian schemes use strong, dark colours, later ones favour lighter colours, including sky-blue, beige and marble. Quartz and man made stone are the natural choice for worktops of a Georgian Style kitchen. These kitchens look best with hand cast and high shine finish handles and knobs, however antique or burnished brass also look very effective.

Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary kitchens have flat panel doors meaning that the centre panel is flat and not raised. There are no furrows or other decorations and the doors will typically cover the entire frame – creating a clean, elegant look. Appliances are built into the cabinets to ensure they do not look detached from the kitchen. Contemporary kitchens are kitchens that are very ‘now’. Contemporary design moves with the times. It grows and evolves as we do and takes inspiration from new technologies as well as earlier styles.

Classic Wood

The classic kitchen is all about timeless appeal, and is designed to give a warm, welcoming feel.
The classic design incorporates natural materials such as timber, which can be integrated through
wooden flooring or cabinetry. The cabinetry itself is simple and functional, with overhead storage
extending to the ceiling to make the most of the available space.

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