Wardrobe Designs

Hinged Wardrobe

Hinged wardrobes are the most popular wardrobe style. The standard wardrobe
solution, it boasts a simple design and opens with a hinged door. Available in both
handle and handle-less designs, hinged wardrobes are the most versatile and easily lockable. However, hinged wardrobes are only recommended if you have enough space in your bedroom as the doors need adequate space to open out in front so that you can access your items. With a whole host of colours in different shades and textures, you can easily find an ideal choice to go with the interior
décor of your bedroom.

Sliding Wardrobes

Sliding Wardrobes are a modern take on the traditional hinge-door wardrobe styles. A sliding wardrobes is a superb choice with a modern-day look. According to the available space and width, a sliding door wardrobe can be designed with two to four doors. If you want to make the most out of your bedroom space, this is the best choice. Unlike other wardrobes, it occupies less space, allowing for more free space in the room. They can be composed with a wide variety of material and in different kinds of sliding systems, creating endless possibilities.

Sliding Folding Wardrobes

Pros of Sliding Folding Wardrobes over Sliding Wardrobes
They save space: Sliding Folding wardrobes do take up space in front of the wardrobe, but not
nearly as much as a design with hinged doors. This is because they “concertina” open, taking up
only a small (tiny) portion of a room
Provide full wardrobe access: Folding wardrobes open to provide access to all areas of a
wardrobe at one time. This is brilliant if you need some outfit inspiration!
You can play around with unique door handles: Unlike many sliding wardrobes, folding wardrobes
boast handles. These handles may not make the wardrobe look sleek, but you do get interesting and modern designs that can be used to add intrigue to a room.
Add slim mirrors: Sliding doors are best for large mirrors (with some stunning full-mirrored doors
to choose from). But this doesn’t mean you can’t have mirrors on folding doors. Slim-fit mirrors
can be added for style, practicality, and to brighten up a room.

Walk-in Wardrobes

A walk-in closet is the king when it comes to storage solutions.
As is obvious from the name, a walk-in closet is essentially a small room that you can walk into.
Typically starting from 6.5 feet in terms of depth, there is no upper limit to the size of a walk-in. In fact, those with a passion for fashion, have been known to have closets that are bigger than a standard master bedroom.
The only limitation when you choose a walk-in closet is that you need to have some extra space for it. However, in our years of service, we have found that a significant majority of people who can afford the extra space go for walk-in without a second thought. That is to say, that walk-in closets enjoy a lot of popularity among those who want to add a personal touch to their closets.

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